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Establishing a data culture within your school or district can be a daunting endeavor. Trust me, I know. I have designed and implemented these programs at both the school and district levels. Below a some frequently asked questions that may guide your initial inquiry and efforts.


  • No time/Too time consuming
  • Requires analytical training to analyze data
  • Requires software training to create data visualization
  • Data is often presented in a confusing format
  • Data from multiple sources is not easy to integrate
  • Requires ongoing training and professional development
  • Takes valuable time away from classroom instruction, grading and lesson planning
  • Inconsistent results in terms of levels quality and compliance
  • Difficult to compile and compare individual analyses

Organizations like The State Educational Technology Directors Association (SEDA), have been exploring data interoperability standards since 2013. Their latest report, published in May concludes that states still struggle to use data “to present a full picture of student learning.”

When will interoperability become a reality? In February, the Hechinger Report wrote: “With data interoperability, the data would all exist in the same language and the puzzle would get put together automatically. Right now, in most schools, that’s just a dream.”

Yes. Companies like Google, and Nike, as well as universities like Princeton and Stanford have invested in business intelligence (BI) software that is able to data from any source into powerful data visualizations.

There is no reason that your school or district cannot adapt BI software to integrate all of your student data, perform sophisticated KPI analyses, and produce easy to understand data charts and dashboards.

Your immediate challenges are:

  1. High software license cost and
  2. Steep learning curve to become proficient with the software
  3. Dedicated time to clean your data and create your visualizations

I develop my data analyses and visualizations using Tableau software. Tableau is the industry leader and is the BI software of choice for the above companies and universities.


Annual Assessment Dashboard

PARCC/Smarter Balance/State Assessment
$ 1
Per Student + $250 Set Up Fee
  • District/School/Grade Level/Student
  • Online Dashboard
  • Fully Customized
  • 3 Years Results
  • Unlimited KPIs

Integrated Student Dashhboard

Complete Student Profile
$ 0
Per Student, Per Quarter + $250 Set-up Fee
  • State Assessment
  • District Interim Assessments
  • Reading Performance
  • Math Performance
  • Attendance Record

Consulting / Program Design / Training

District Level Consulting Services
$ 225
Hour (+ travel if applicable)
  • Using Tableau to Integrate Data Sets
  • Data Visualization Plan Design
  • Managing a Cloud-based Service
  • Staff Operational Training
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